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This is Techincal-3

My method of making stained glass objects

Let's make a stained glass light box. (Photo-1)

In order to make a stained glass light box you need, in addition to the usual materials for making stained glass, a wooden box (Photo-2) and a brass sheet (Photo-3).

I also make stained glass for light boxes on a plywood covered with balsa sheets. Cut glass with pattern papers, copper-tape them, and set them on the correct positions on the design paper. (Photo-4)

After all glass pieces are cut, taped, and positioned, solder them. Now, you have 5 sheets of stained glass. (Photo-5).

Assemble them together on an easy jig. (Photo-6) (Photo-7) Put the top section (Photo-8) I use a copper wire to fill gaps between panels. (Photo-9)

Cut brass sheet into strips (I use a foot-shear). (Photo-10) Finish each corner of the main unit smoothly and carefully. (Photo-11)

Make the bottom skirt with brass strips on a jig as shown in photo. (Photo-12) Stick another brass strips at the bottom of main unit as shown in photo. (Photo-13) This is the assembled bottom skirt (Photo-14) Stick it on the bottom. (Photo-15) Finish the bottom edges smoothly and carefully so that the copper tape will not peel off. (Photo-16) Clean it thoroughly with paint thinner, and then, detergent + cleansing powder. (Photo-17) Then, apply patina. (Photo-18) (See Tchenical 1 and 2 for details) Keep it overnight in a bath of detergent (soap). (Photo-19)

Now, it sits in the wooden box nicely. (Photo-20)

See the gap between the wooden box and the main stained glass unit? (Photo-21) This is a very important point of design.

Last point and this is also very important. Use a compact fluorescent bulb (Thank you Rick and Barry for letting me know the correct name for them) .This light box could be realized only because compact fluorescent bulbs became available on the market. They generate far less heat than conventional incandescent bulbs. (Photo-22) If you use an ordinary incandescent bulb, it will be dangerously hot. So make sure to use COMPACT FLUORESCENT BULBS for light boxes.

Well, this is all. Good luck.

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This is Techincal-3