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Tip-12 Fluorescent lighting in lamps?

When I say "I use compact fluorescent bulbs for lamps", many of you may scream "No! No!! No!!!". Well, let me explain. The first reason is that you can get these compact fluorescent bulbs which can be fit in lamps easily on the market nowadays. The second reason is I used these compact fluorescent bulbs in my light boxes first, because of less heat generation , and I noticed that colors of many glass are more to my liking. Especially, the color of WHITE really come out great. I think, in my opinion, most of stained glass are made to be used with natural light, as a window panel . I think that they generate best color with natural light, which has the color temperature of around 5000K same as that of fluorescent bulbs. The color temperature of incandescent bulbs is less than 3000K. I do not know if there are such glass which are made to perform best with incandescent bulbs. I would like to hear opinions of stained glass manufacturers. When I sell a lamp, I usually provide three types of bulbs with the lamp (clear incandescent bulb, white incandescent bulb, and compact fluorescent bulb) and ask each customer to try all types. Most customers in Japan opt for the compact fluorescent bulb, some say incandescent bulb in winter and fluorescent bulb in summer. (There may be a local reason here in Japan, most Japanese likes fluorescent lighting in everywhere; homes, offices, and even in restaurants (which is unthinkable in your country?). You can rarely see incandescent bulbs in Japanese homes. The most popular lighting in Japan is direct fluorescent lighting. Some say the reason may be found in SHOJI (wood and paper screens (slide windows) used in old Japanese homes). The SHOJI let the sun light directly into homes. And, Japanese has been an agricultural tribe for centuries, and we got up with the sun and went to sleep when the sun goes out. The sun light is deep in our DNA. On the other hand, a hunting tribe cooked/ate animals around fires which have color temperatures of less than 3000K. These memories are embedded deep in DNA and Western peoples like low temperature (red) lights. This is one theory and you may or may not support it. I personally support the theory.