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Tip13 Reinforcing stained glass panel

I try to reinforce large panels as much as possible without showing any reinforcing materials outside of the panel so that the panel can be viewed from both side. This panel measures 74cm x 76cm (29" x 30") and definately needs reinforcement. This is just the size I can reinforce using only the copper reinforcing strips from Venture Tape. If the panel is larger, I have to use solid brass members (such as drawn brass strips of 6mm x 2.2mm in cross section) in the panel and I have to design as such in the first place to provide room for such brass members in the design. You can see that I have used the copper reinforcing strips intensively in this panel. See marked places in red in the first picture at which strips were inserted between glass pieces. I also used copper wires which will be conneced to the brass frame members later (see also Technical -1).