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Tip14 "Making Balsa wood work board"

When I make a panel, I usually make it on a plywood work board covered with Balsa wood. Let me explain how I make this work board. Cut a plywood (thickness of 12mm (1/2 ") or thicker) to a required size. Prepare necessary amount of Balsa wood (6mm (1/4 ") or thicker) for your cut size. Apply plenty of wood bond on the Balsa wood and nail it on the plywood with nails much longer than the thickness of Balsa wood. Cover the entire surface of plywood and let the bond dry completely. Pull out the nails. It can be used as a work board as it is. However, I usually cover it with clear lacquar front and back so that it will last longer. The example in the photo is about 80cm x 110cm (32" x 44") and cost is around US $40. I think it is cheap since I shall make more than 100 panels on it. Needless to say, I use "pins" to position glass pieces on the board. (Please also see "Technical-1" page.)