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Tip 19 Durability of copper-tape stained glass panel
A stained glass panel which was made by copper-tape technique was left on the roof of a storage box in 1994. It was placed flat on the roof and never been touched since. And, 15-years later, it was recovered in order to check the surface condition of the panel. Click each photo to enlarge.
It has been left in this position for 15 years. It was never touched since. The temperature gets up to 37 degrees C in summer. It snows in winter. However, the temperatre only goes down to -5 degrees C. The surface condition after 15 years. It rained heavily few days before recovery and the surface was fairly clean.
The panel was turned up side down. The condition of back surface looks very good. The panel was cleaned thoroughly front and back with a sponge and detergent. On the front side, the color of lead surface has changed to grey. Beside that, the condition of the panel was relatively good after 15 years.
Enlarged view of lead surface. Very little patina left. Condition of back side. Patina is present in good condition except for some small area. Enlarged view of lead surface of back side.
Stained glass viewed with light from behind. The glass itself has not been affected and it looks just like new.