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Tips 3: Soldering

I use at least 3 sets of soldering irons. I may use 3 soldering irons with same capacity or different capacities. I have soldering irons from 100V-30W to 100V-120W. One soldering iron may get too cold after heavy soldering. Then, you pick another soldering iron from the soldering stand. It has gained enough temperature while resting in the stand. In this way, you can have a 100% hot soldering iron all the time. Well, you may find that your soldering iron is too hot for a particular job. Then, I use my non-automatic temperature regulator. When you feel that your soldering iron is too hot for the job, you just melt the solder in the pan to cool it down. Isn't it COOL? I would also like to introduce my head cleaner. It consists of a deep dish or bowl and soldering paste flux in it. You just dip your soldering iron tip (head) in it to clean it. When the paste flux in the dish gets dirty, just replace it with fresh paste flux. Do not dip your head in your regular paste flux. By the way, this method may not work well if your workshop is not well ventilated. The smoke may gets in your eyes!