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Tip 6: Etched brass filigree

It is the same technique used for dragonfly wings of famous Tiffany dragonfly lamps. You can buy brass filigrees from your local stained glass supply shop. I make filigrees with my own designs. I used to make them with a do-it-youself print-circuit kit which I could purchase from an electric shop (like RADIOSHACK) several years ago. The kit uses acid to cut out designs from brass sheets (0.3mm in my case). I do not know if you can get them these days. I have not seen them for a while now.
Now, I ask a firm which makes brass plates and templates to make my own "etched brass filigrees".
You get different effects when you stick the filigree on the front or the back of the glass. I put a layer of solder on the surface of filigree so that it can be colored just as the rest of the work (be careful not to block out or fill the details with solder.)