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Tip 7: Processing a large panel

When you do have to make a large stained glass panel and do not have a large processing sink or container in which to wash, clean, and apply patina. You can use 4 pieces of timber and a sheet (we call it "blue sheet" which are often used on construction sites). These 4 timbers shall form a pool. The depth of the pool depends on the thickness of timbers. Two inches (5cm) shall be sufficient for a single panel. Use a blue sheet which is twice larger than the actual working area (pool). Fold the blue sheet once and place it on the timbers. Now, you are ready to work. However, please note that these blue sheets are not 100% water tight. A certain amount of water leaks out. Use 2 sheets (that is 4 layers of sheets altogether) if necessary. They shall stop leaking to the floor over night. You can use organic solvent (such as paint thinner) to clean the panel, then wipe inside sheet with rags, and wash with detergent and cleansing powder, wipe inside sheet with rags again, apply patina. Then, wipe inside sheet and keep the panel over night in a bath of detergent. If the depth of pool is small, you can pick 4 corners of sheet can carry it over to drain water. If it is too deep, use a long vinyl pipe which you can buy from a tropical-fish shop. Water can be siphoned out.